Strigon Machine Tools

Everything that machine tool manufacturing and metalworking incorporates! We are manufacturing brand new milling and turning machines and renovating CNC miling machines, turning machines. We are building also special-purpose machines besides our advanced welding and CNC machining department since several decades. We are working well with huge experience and for favorable prices.

CNC machine manufacturing

Our manufacturing department specialised in manufacturing milling machines and turning machines. We are manufacturing with professional and widespread service network across Europe.

CNC Machining

We have an extensive CNC machining department with more than 25 large CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, and grinding machines. With our machinery we are working on medium- and large-sized welded and casted parts.


We are working in our welding hall with huge experience and qualified welders. We are doing welding operations for large West-European multinational factories regularly. Our Long-term collaborations reflect the effectiveness of our work.

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Special-purpose machines

Our company makes the designing and manufacturing of special-purpose machines with huge experience and expertise. From the huge boring machines to the complex transport equipments and mining machines we are manufacturing special-purpose machines for several years.

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Machine retrofit

Our service team makes the renovation of old, obsolete, or malfunctioning milling machines and turning machines by involving our electrical and mechanical engineers.  We repair, renovate, and modernise! Take a look at our reference in machine retrofit!

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Premium milling machines

We are designing and manufacturing CNC miling machines, turning machines in high quality with decades of experience, loads of reference works, and with a widespread service network inside and outside Europe for more favorable prices than our competitors.

Strigon minősítések
Strigon minősítések
Strigon minősítések

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