CNC Machine Tools

Our manufacturing department specialised in manufacturing milling machines and turning machines. We are manufacturing with professional and widespread service network across Europe.

Strigon MZ portálmaró gép

MZ gantry miling machine

Our CNC machining centres MZ are provided by a fixed portal and travelling table.This layout is advantagous for milling and machining middle-sized and complex components. The high quantity performance is secured by the machine’s robust design and its main plication. Granted to its automatic tool change and high metal removal, it is an ideal choice for heavy industry.

Strigon MZP portálmaró gép

MZP gantry miling machine

Our CNC milling machines MZP are provided by a moving portal and it is our most popular product. Our partners are choosing it especially for its optimized robust construction, high quantity performance, and its place-saving. It facilitates the fast and punctual work of heavy and large components, and it is suitable for miling crane components, middle or large casted parts, and several other large metal products.

Strigon MZPG mozgógerendás portálmaró gép

MZPG gantry miling machine

Our CNC machining centres MZPG are provided by a moving portal and movable crossbeam. These are the largest milling machines of our company. Our clients are choosing this configuration, granted to its massive construction and the possibility of working extra high components. It is typically used in every industries, where extra large workpieces must be milled or machined, e. g. working mining machine cranes or milling large welded components.

Strigon MZPH portálmaró gép

MZPH gantry miling machine

This machining centre with movable gantry is designed for high-speed machining . Customers prefer this machine mainly because of its simultaneous 5D technologie , and fully closed machining area . They enable machining of complex workpieces with 5D. For example: machining of moulds, free 5D surfaces etc.

Strigon MTT Karusszel eszterga

MTT gantry miling machine

Our CNC caroussel-turning machines MTT are capable of high-performance turning and milling, granted to their massive portal system designs. However, they are excellent for working complex casted and welded components.


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